Serious Emergency Medical Response

I heard at a recent Alameda County Medical Reserve Corps meeting that a group called CA-6 DMAT was holding a gathering in Fremont on Saturday, 20 Feb. 2016, and that non-medical people were welcome to come see what was going on.

Talk about a serious group of medical emergency responders! From their site:

A DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team) is a team of intermittent federal employees organized under the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) to provide emergency medical care and to augment local medical capabilities during times of disaster. Disasters may be earthquakes, hurricanes, epidemics, explosions, floods, or other devastating events. DMATs are typically composed of 100 – 150 medical professionals and support staff organized, trained and prepared to activate. In the event of a disaster, a team of about 35-50 will deploy as a unit to provide medical and health care to disaster victims.

A DMAT provides essential medical care at the disaster site, triages and treats victims at casualty collection points, and provides medical care at staging and reception sites. DMATs have responded to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, heat waves and terrorist attacks. They also pre-stage for large public events such as the Olympics.

The DMAT is the 7th uniformed group in the government. As such, it takes time, patience, and a process to become a member (official employee of the Federal government). There’s also a California MAT (CMAT) that many are members of too. An impressive group of medical professionals that can be deployed to sites anywhere in the world.


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