November is Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

Who knew? The Nation’s critical infrastructure is usually something we take for granted: power, water, transportation, telecommunications, etc. Homeland Security is offering this opportunity to highlight the many efforts to protect and secure our national, state, and local infrastructure, and enhance its resilience.

This is important because many of these things WILL be disrupted in a serious quake: telecom lines will go down (Send text messages, don’t call! Text is more likely to go through.), transportation will be a mess (public transportation is planning their best), water mains will break and power lines will be down. No guessing how long our infrastructure will be unavailable, but the disruption will be serious enough that life and property will be at risk.

Are you part of a business? Here’s a toolkit to help you think through and plan for a disruption. Don’t think an earthquake is the only bad thing that can happen. What if your computers were all disabled in one day? Or if someone got shot on your premises? A sudden flood of water rushes across your floors? What would you do?

If you’re a person or part of a family, what’s your plan for informing anyone that you’re OK or need help? What if you get stuck in a town you don’t live in? You might not be able to just drive or call home.

Take a moment to appreciate the infrastructure that you use every day. Make a plan for what you’d do without it. This is a great month for being thankful and for thinking things through.


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