CPR: Simple, Saving Lives

The Port of Oakland recently recognized the heroes of a life-saving adventure at the Oakland Airport. After a traveler collapsed from a heart attack outside the terminal, his life was saved by the quick response of other travelers who knew CPR (cario pulmonary resuscitation).

CPR is easy to learn. The Red Cross notes that “most people who survive a cardiac emergency are helped by a bystander. In the next two minutes, you could learn Hands-Only CPR – so you can be the bystander who provides life-saving care until professional responders arrive.”

You don’t need to be certified to save a life, but learning with physical practice will help you be more effective if the opportunity ever arises. Here’s a handy link to Red Cross trainings. Your city or county fire department may also offer free courses and certifications. Check with the Emergency Preparedness coordinator or department.


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