Temperature: 90° and Climbing

Weather reports are predicting near 100° temperatures in Northern California later this week. Extreme heat and storms can affect the power in your neighborhood. How do you prepare for this? Lots of practical suggestions about power outages and extreme heat are at Ready.gov, The following tips came from the power outages link.


  • If you know strongly adverse weather is coming, be sure to charge your devices ahead of time, like the night before. Know where batteries are if you can use them as back-up.
  • Have extra water on hand. Put plastic bottles of water in the fridge or freezer (don’t fill them all the way if they’re going in the freezer, and don’t use glass because it will break as the water expands).
  • If your vehicle’s fuel is low, fill up before the bad weather hits. Pumps at the stations may not be operable.
  • Did we mention having an emergency kit on hand?


  • Don’t leave candles unattended, and don’t use a generator inside your house.
  • In a heat wave, drink extra water even if you don’t feel thirsty. Visit your local “cooling centers” (City Hall, libraries, other public buildings are often designated), or take in a movie, go to a mall, or other places that have working air conditioning.
  • Turn off or unplug appliances and devices that might experience a surge of electricity when the power returns.


  • Replenish emergency supplies as needed.
  • Check your food if power has been out for more than an hour or two.

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