Data Privacy Day

January 28 is Data Privacy Day (DPD), an annual international effort to promote the importance of data privacy.


Ash from N. California Fires

The ash from the California wildfires and debris inside burned structures may contain more toxic substances than forest fire ash because of the many synthetic and other materials present in buildings. Older buildings in particular may contain asbestos and lead. We got an advisory about clean-up and added a link on emotional recovery.

Until Help Arrives

Here's a playful interactive video series that teaches a few basics about responding to others in distress. You are the help until help arrives. By responding, you may save someone's life!

A One-Day Ham Class

Learn to pass the FCC exam and get your Amateur Radio License so you can talk with people near and far, find new friends with the original social media, and be ready for emergencies. Two different classes in the East San Francisco Bay area this October.

Prepare Yourself

Recode has an insightful article on a "wonky debate" about our national emergency communications infrastructure. The wireless (and often land-line) telephone carriers and even some device makers are arguing that they shouldn't be required to update the network for modern emergency-related support. Hurricane Harvey is now putting this all into perspective. From the article: To... Continue Reading →

A Hot Time

No question that we've had a few hot days on the east side of the Oakland hills. As temperatures reach 100º we run for the cool stores and turn the air conditioning on high in our cars, houses and offices. People who are older, young, sick or overweight may be more strongly affected by extreme heat.... Continue Reading →

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