Prepare Yourself

Recode has an insightful article on a "wonky debate" about our national emergency communications infrastructure. The wireless (and often land-line) telephone carriers and even some device makers are arguing that they shouldn't be required to update the network for modern emergency-related support. Hurricane Harvey is now putting this all into perspective. From the article: To... Continue Reading →


Emergencies of the Strangest Kinds

We all use technology as if it were stable and predictable. How often do most of us change our email address? Making sure our friends have the new address, trying to update mailing lists, remembering to change all of our online accounts... it can be a big pain. If you have an AT&T account that... Continue Reading →

What if…?

Planning starts with a simple question: What if something happens and you're not with your family? Communication with family members is important. During a wide-spread emergency, communications may not be as easy as you'd like. If you can't call, what's your plan B? Here's a great guide for developing a Family Emergency Communications Plan (PDF). It contains a... Continue Reading →

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